Updated 4/29/20


Dynamic Therapy Center COVID-19 Update 


It is hard to believe we are currently looking at one month since we transitioned to providing services through teletherapy! For those of you that signed up for teletherapy, you have been doing an amazing job! We sure do miss our kids! Seeing them on the computers, iPads and phones has been great but we are ready to get you back in the building! 


We are now planning for the next phase with the lifting of the Governor’s safer at home orders. We are planning to proceed slowly and cautiously with reopening to ensure the safety of our families and staff. 


We will continue to offer teletherapy services to everyone interested through June 15, 2020. If the insurance plans extend the ability to provide teletherapy services, this will also be an option to continue to provide services this way. 


We will be starting to resume clinic visits on May 14, 2020. Our plan is to slowly transition back to clinic visits with strict guidelines for entry to the facility. These guidelines will be posted and emailed prior to starting clinic visits. 


We will need every family to email us and let us know how you want to proceed. See options below:



If you are currently on hold for services, please choose one of these options:


1. Start teletherapy May 1st, and transfer to clinic visits beginning May 14th.


2. Resume your clinic visits beginning May 14th



If you are currently receiving teletherapy visits, please choose one of these options:


1. Continue to receive teletherapy visits and switch to clinic visits beginning May 21st


2. Continue to receive teletherapy visits until June 15th.**


**If you chose to continue teletherapy you can always switch back to clinic visits at any time after May 21st



There have been a significant number of schedule changes due to switching to teletherapy. Please let us know as soon as possible how you want to proceed as it will take us some time to adjust all the schedules!! We will email you back with the updated schedules and start dates as soon as possible! 


Thank you all for hanging in there with us! 


Karyn and Michelle





Below are forms for new clients and existing clients. You may fill out forms prior to an evaluation or prior to coming to a session. This will hopefully provide you time at your home to complete the forms and make your experience while you are at Dynamic better.



If you are interested in our Specialty Groups, please see the flyers below.