Cox Family

Cox Family

Approximately 9 years ago, Earl Cox, father of Dynamic client Cannon Cox, blacked out while driving causing him to hit a telephone pole. The cause of the blackout was ventricular arrhythmia. Luckily during the accident, Earl hit the steering wheel hard enough to kick his heart back into normal rhythm. Shortly after the accident, he had an internal cardiac defibrillator/pacemaker implanted. Earl was able to go about with his life without any limitations at that time. They felt the cause of his heart problems may have been due to a strep virus he had when he was younger.

Periodically Earl would have periods of arrhythmia requiring hospitalization. In December 2013, a cardiac ablation was performed. Things were going well with Earl until July 2014. At this point, Earl exhibited extreme fatigue and weight loss. This was due to his anti-arrhythmia medication causing his thyroid to become hyperactive. It took a year to safely get his thyroid levels normalized and stable enough to discontinue the anti-arrhythmia medication.

At the Wilson County Fair 2015, Earl had another deadly ventricular arrhythmia and passed out. Luckily his defibrillator was working appropriately. At this point, Earl’s doctors felt it was time to start moving forward with a heart transplant. In May 2016, Earl was admitted to St. Thomas’s Intensive Care Unit due to liver and kidney failure. He became septic requiring surgery to have an impella device implanted.   However this did not work and Earl was intubated. From this point he was rushed back to surgery and placed on ECMO. Six days later this was downgraded to an external LVAD system and Earl was taken off sedation and extubated.   After weeks of dialysis and rest, Earl’s liver and kidneys fully recovered and he was stable enough to receive a long term LVAD

After 54 days in the hospital, most of which was spent in ICU, Earl was discharged to go home. Within 2-3 months, he will be placed on the heart transplant list.

Through this family’s entire ordeal, Cannon never missed therapy! This family’s journey has been long and will continue into the future. This sweet family needs ongoing prayers and support. Meghan, Earl’s wife, needed to stop working while Earl was hospitalized to be with him. Although she has returned to work, this family took a substantial financial hit. Multiple fundraisers to help with ongoing medical bills and lost wages have occurred in our community and will continue to occur in the future (we will attempt to post these on the Dynamic Facebook page when we know about them).   Donations may also be made at Bank Tennessee on 355 South Hartman Drive in Earl Cox’s name.

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